Wednesday, January 10, 2007

NYC Condoms, Gay Sheep, and a personal update

Wow! Although it won't suit my friend Elle's purposes, I'm sure NYC residents will be thrilled to learn of the new NYC Condom campaign. Apparently the city, which the Post calls "the country's HIV/AIDS capital", is all set to launch a line of condoms which will be available for free. The condoms will be standard size and lubricated, but packged in colors to mimic the subway lines (clever, clever). Here's the Post article.

In other news, research into sheep sexuality has revealed that 8% of rams are homosexual, and another 8% of ewes appear to be asexual (although since ewes demonstrate sexual readiness by keeping still, who's to say?). The homo-rams have been found to have smaller hypothalamus glands, even while still in utero. Researchers found that by increasing the amount of hormones the rams were recieving, they could be induced to mate with ewes. While this makes good business sense to the farmers who otherwise lose out on 8% of their sires, some gay-rights activists (including, apparently, Martina Navratilova) worry that the studying of "fixing" gay sheep may lead down a slippery slope. On the other hand, the research has proven that homosexuality, at least in sheep, is natural. I like what the author of this article had to say on the subject:
Yes, like Navratilova, I fear the consequences of moves to abort or "cure" gay people - but I cannot fear greater knowledge of the biology of human sexuality. We cannot ringfence whole areas from biological investigation because we might not like what we hear, or because lunatics might misuse it. These experiments - and our scientific understanding - must roll on. It's up to us to create the political circumstances in which they will not be abused.

To the person who Jolted my blog, thanks! And welcome, Jolters. Also, because these seem to come up a lot in searches: As far as I know there are no health risks associated with warming lube, other than the possibility of allergy. And I've never heard of any problems associated with using it during pregnancy, although it wouldn't hurt to ask a doctor. And for pornotube alternatives, although I'm not endorsing these sites, try or

And now, a personal update: I've been living in Northampton for a few weeks, with a brief sojurn back to the Berkshires for the holidays. I'm ready for my next advenure, but to where? I've narrowed it down: at the end of this month, I am moving to Washington DC, or to San Francisco. I've got a set of pros & cons lists a mile long and I'm no nearer a decision. San Francisco is the bigger risk, but the size of the sex-positive population there (as well as the presence of two of my close friends) makes it an exciting possibility. Meanwhile, DC feels like conquored territory in some ways (mostly in that I know I can get around and find a job there). But my interests, skills and background are a little less dime-a-dozen there, and I have a support network and some very interesting friends in DC already. I've given myself until friday night to make the decision. I'd LOVE to hear from people who live or have lived in either city, and anyone who has strong feelings about the subject. Or any feelings at all, really. I'm a remarkably indecisive person, so I need all the help I can get!


Jim Newman said...

Jim Newman here from the university that is actually conducting the research.

In regards to the Sunday Times article which is the source of all these wild conspiracy theories, it was filled with errors and false statements. In some cases the paper even reported the exact opposite of what actually occurred. In reality – the research was conducted five years ago. When announced in 2002, several gay and lesbian groups appreciated the findings as the data supports the belief that homosexuality has biological roots and is not merely a matter of choice. Also – we are not “curing” gay sheep.

I am pleased that a writer has thoroughly investigated the article. As he reports, the Sunday Times article basically a piece of science fiction made up by PETA, yes the animal rights people.

His analysis also raises important questions about the timing of the article which again comes almost five years after the research was actually conducted.

Here’s a link to that analysis that anyone who is interested in this topic should read:

A wolf in gay sheep's clothing: Corruption at the London Times

Also the press is beginning to print stories on how this science research was hijacked by PETA, the left and the right for political gain.

Here’s one story:
If only British press would say, 'My baa-d'

Sarah said...

Re: Jolting the blog.

You're welcome. ;)

w-w, who should be working on her grad school apps.

Anonymous said...

On the personal front... I would go to whichever city gets you laid the fastest and most often... if this blog gets any more boring you''re sure to be arrested for indecent asexuality.

Amanda said...

HAH! Very funny, Anon. I'm actually getting laid on a regular basis right now, and it's pretty damn good. It's a big part of the reason I haven't been posting much. That, and trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life. My own sex life has hardly ever made much of an appearence on my blog, though. In any case, point taken. I'll see what I can do.