Friday, February 16, 2007

Violet Blue is my Hero of the Day

I mentioned here a month or so ago that had bought an old armory building in the Mission district of San Francisco to use as a studio. Since then there have been some protests from neighbors (although not very large-scale protests, from what I can tell). In an SFGate column this week, Violet Blue exposes the ways in which the supposedly unbiased news media are... well, dumping all over porn. As Violet would say, snip:
Steve Rubenstein and Jesse McKinley are reporters, and so we require that they report and not serve us with opinion, instead. In both articles, slanted phrases such as "dirty movies" were slipped in like a hostess silently sliding a coaster under your drink -- blink and you don't even notice it's part of the judgmental scenery -- when a more accurate term like "adult" could serve better. Rubenstein's piece went the distance, making Kink's employees into "manacled performers."

Since the column went up, SFGate has dug the hole even deeper. From Tiny Nibbles, Violet Blue's blog:
It's very, very controversial, and the SFGate is right now, at this very moment, fucking with me on it again. Instead of the front page title and subhead my editor and I requested they use with the column, they are using one that runs against the very principles of the entire article. They are illustrating my whole point. Read my piece and you'll see why calling it an article about "dirty movies" is biased and unacceptable[...]

They've since changed the to something more appropriate. Go read the column!

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