Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sex Nerds Do It Better

A couple of things:

Stormy Leather has been bought out by JT's Stockroom. Although I'm sad to see them "go", assures that it plans on bringing the entire production team on board -- hopefully they'll continue to produce the same fabulous products, because the leather corset selection at is relatively tiny. Stormy Leather's retail store in San Francisco is having a big blow-out sale April 20th-30th... So, um, if anyone who lives there (like maybe a certain awesome baker-turned-PA!) wanted to go and get a Genevieve Corset (size small, please), I would love her forever even more (and express-mail a check, of course).

Also, the always witty Melissa Gira has a post up at Sexerati that's worth a glance-and-giggle: The 10 Reasons Why Sex Nerds Make Better Lovers. It's true, too, I can vouch from personal experience. I swear I'm only dating sex educators from now on. I think #3 is my favorite: sex nerds need study breaks. Let that be a lesson to friends and housemates who would walk in to a room saying "don't be having sex!" as though that were the furthest thing from possible.

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Adult Shop said...

well sex nerds, provides the exact kind of sex education that young people should be getting. and they are better in bed i guess