Saturday, April 08, 2006

Retail Performance Art

Wild Hearts & Toys of Eros, two high-end sex toy stores in P-Town, are looking for summer sales associates. The ad they placed in the Stonewall Center Newsletter might as well say "AMANDA! COME WORK FOR US!"

Spend a Summer in Provincetown working for the queerest, most fun retail stores in the town! WILD HEARTS, (for lesbians) & TOYS OF EROS (For gay men, although other sexual orientations are represented.) Wild Hearts, designed by and for lesbians, needs educators/salespeople to discuss and educate lesbian customers about, sex toys, books and DVDs. We will train you to credibly discuss sex toys, from dildos to vibrators, harnesses to g-spot devices to the tens of thousands of lesbians from all over the globe that will visit the store this summer.

Retail experience is not necessary. What we need for both stores are men and women with exceptional interpersonal skills, who, with training, will be able to draw customers out just enough so they are able talk about their sexual needs and allow you to educate them on the correct products to enhance their sex lives. The right employee will find a great sense of personal fulfillment in educating and assisting our customers in finding the right sex toys to.

We maintain an educational, high-end atmosphere. This is not your corner dirty bookstore. This is retail performance art.

Accordingly, the three new items on my to-do list are:
1. apply.
2. work my connections to find somewhere inexpensive to live.
3. figure out what to tell my family.


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