Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ms. Magazine: the I Had an Abortion Petition

In the spirit of the 1972 debut issue of Ms. Magazine, in which 53 important US figures signed their names to a statement declaring that they had had abortions, Ms. is sponsoring another "I Had an Abortion" petition. This release from the magazine's website says it best:

It is time to speak out again– in even larger numbers —and to make politicians face their neighbors, influential movers and shakers, and yes, their family members. We cannot, must not—for U.S. women and the women of the world—lose the right to safe, legal, and accessible abortion or access to birth control.

Women who have had abortions can authorize Ms. Magazine to print their names in a (long, long) list of women who have signed the petition in the October 10th issue. Women who have not had abortions can also sign, in solidarity. The petition will be delivered to the president and members of congress.

Whether or not you've had an abortion, if you're a woman who supports other women's right to safe, legal, and accessible abortion (not to mention birth control and comprehensive sexuality education), please go here to sign the petition. It's a small thing for each of us individually, but together we can make a big impression.

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