Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Squirt-Proofing with Kegel Exercises?

I've already spoken of my love for my Kegelcisor (although not in great detail; that post is yet to come). Come to find out, using the vaginal barbell the way it was intended -- that is, to exercise the pelvic floor (or kegel) muscles -- may put a stop to female ejaculation! Why on earth would you want to? According the this article by the infamous Sam Sugar, doctors in the UK have been telling women who are embarrassed that they squirt to do their kegel exercises. I'm willing to bet that this advice is linked to the idea that female ejaculation (FE) is merely urinary incontinence, since strengthening your kegels is supposed to help with that. On the other hand, the sex-positive FE community is often heard to say that strengthening the kegels will help a woman female ejaculate.

Just for the record, all the information I've ever read about female ejaculate fluid says that it is formed in the periurethral gland, located in the urethral sponge. That is to say, most "experts" agree it is not from the bladder. It does come out the urethra, but I don't think "bladder-water" is an accurate description. Here's some evidence to back it up, from the awesome website The Squirting Truth.

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Jennifer West said...

Kegel exercises reinforces one's pelvic floor muscles, in which it somehow improves their performance, and I've learned about it a long time ago due to my friend talks to me about their sex life and their current state of health. Being intrigued at first, I've tried to do it, and as time goes by, it has been my daily routine.