Friday, March 09, 2007

(small but significant) Victory for Sex Ed in MD

In Maryland, Superintendent of Schools Nancy S. Grasmick has issued a decision to go ahead with the field testing of a new sex education curriculum -- one that discusses homosexuality in a fairly neutral light. Her decision came in response to demands from three organizations demanding a halt to the field tests. The new program is opt-in, i.e. parents have to sign a permission slip to allow their children to attend, but apparently that precaution isn't enough for some bigots people.

The field tests will lead to a Montgomery County school board decision on whether or not to go district-wide with the new curriculum in the fall.

Topic previously discussed here.

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Anonymous said...

I seriously don't understand some people.

Kids have to make their own mistakes, their own choices, there's not other way for them to learn, but why not give them as much information as we possibly can so their mistakes are less hurtful and far less damaging to everyone.

Assuming that they listen ;-)