Saturday, April 07, 2007

TAG! You're It!

Preheated, the culinary cutie behind For The Love of Cake and Cock, has tagged me with the Thinking Blogger Award! I'm totally flattered.

Here's what happens now: I pick 5 blogs that make me think and tag them here. Those bloggers then pick their own five, and then those bloggers... you get the idea.

Sassywho, who authors I Never Leave the House Without Incident, posts an extremely entertaining and enlightening mix of political commentary and personal anecdotes with a sprinkling of well-chosen clips from youtube. Sometimes I think "sassy" might be an understatement!

A's Pursut of Pleasure is a college student's tales of love and lust. Smut for the thinking man, and very good stuff.

Amber, of Being Amber Rhea, is as tech savvy as she is poltically savvy. She's the kind of person who's writing makes you want to be her friend. She must've been tagged before, but since it's not on her very first page I'm tagging her anyway (so there!).

Veggie Love
! This girl seriously loves her veggies, and her posts are incredibly engaging -- which is even more remarkable when you know how quickly she writes them!

Jessica Gold Haralson
seems to have gotten caught up in the demands of being a full-time college student -- her posts have slowed down a lot recently. Nonetheless, she's a smart writer with a lot to say about sexual culture and politics (not that that stuff interests you, readers dear).

That ought to be enough linkage to keep you procrastinating for a while, eh?


Anonymous said...

Ms Haralson's blog isn't accessible any longer.

Amber said...

Wow, thank you! What you said about me is so nice. I'm blushing. :) And no I wasn't tagged before... but thanks for assuming that I was; I take that as a compliment!

I'll do a post about this and nominate my own blogs tomorrow.