Friday, October 20, 2006

Birth Control Review, Love Machine, Sexus...

This article, and overview of hormonal birth control options, ran in the New York Times this week. It contains the most information about the "new" (released in 2000) IUD I've seen in the media thus far. A former NP at Smith's Health Services, someone I trust and appreciate, had some really good things to say about the IUD, called Mirena. What this article alludes to (although to go into detail would be beyond its scope) is the fact that too many women aren't using contraceptives, or aren't using them properly, due to lack of education and the expense of the products.

Audacia Ray reviews The Love Machine at Fleshbot this week. We had one of those at the store I worked in this summer. For some reason the thing has two separate on-buttons, so no one could ever figure out how to turn it on -- and once they'd seen it, they had to see it on. Sometimes it was a great way for me to strike up a conversation with customers, but more often it was a distraction and a pain in the butt. Not in the nice way. Want more sex machines? Check out Timothy Archibald's Sex Machine gallery.

I'm off to bed to start reading Henry Miller's Sexus. It's a story of a 33 year old man who falls in love with a woman who is not his wife, and his obsession with getting her (from what I understand), and it's book one of Miller's Rosey Crucifixion series. I love a good book!

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