Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Oh my god, I think I'm in love.

From her profile:
Chivalrous kinky writer, queer butch top, sex educator. Turn ons: femme dykes, intellectual curiosity, packing, avocados, cranberries, dark chocolate, belts, strappy sandles, fishnet stockings, accessories in general (belts, glasses, bags, shoes), literary & gender theory, scotch, submission, blow jobs, the perfect pen. Turn offs: tapered jeans, chick lit, pop music, dishonesty, helplessness, eating dead animals, cheap beer, celebreality.


Re-reading that, I realize I may be... displacing a little. Chivalrous & kinky, vegetarian, sex educator, likes intellectual curiosity, scotch, submission and blow jobs...

damn, damn, damn.

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sinclair said...

well thanks :) good to know I'm not alone in my interests.