Sunday, October 01, 2006

Elexa by Trojan: Update

Apparently some women have been confused by the fact that Elexa condoms are being marketed to women. Logan Levkoff posts over in the SexySmart blog, sponsored by Elexa:

What makes Elexa different is that they have a low latex odor, better lubrication, thinness, and they were designed by women. (Even though he wears them, they do go inside of us, so shouldn't we have a say in how they feel?)

So now you know! Another Elexa Blogger writes:
So here goes: my boyfriend sings a ringing endorsement of Elexa by Trojan™ condoms. He loves that they smell normal, not so annoyingly like latex. He loves that they’re comfortable, very comfortable, which somehow surprised him. But the piece de resistance is that, in his words, “I think these condoms are even bigger than Magnums!” He was like a kid on Christmas tearing through each new wrapper for each of the three Elexa condom types: stimulating, ultra-sensitive and natural feel (his favorite is natural feel). He was so curious and wide-eyed. It was like we’d discovered the latest sex toy and couldn’t wait to try it out, not simply doing the routine prep work before going to work. He never complained once about the pastel-colored boxes nor the presumption that they must only be for women. Now, in fact, he doesn’t want to use anything else!

Now how’s THAT for a ringing male endorsement?

A ringing endorsement indeed. Would we expect anything else about a product that sponsors the website? I'm still waiting on my sample.

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