Monday, February 26, 2007

Quickie: on Gaydar and Likin' the Ladies

So I'm sitting in a coffee shop writing cover letters and distracting myself with the internets, and the subject of my queerness came up in virtual-conversation with a straight male friend who's not so much with the gaydar. Referring to the cute law student studying next to me, I said "I'm pretty sure she's straight. Either that or she's like me and doesn't "vibe" the right way."

"What do you mean, you don't vibe the right way?" my friend asked. "Even I could tell that you were queer."

"Really?" I asked incredulously. "You mean it?" Most people think I'm straight unless I specifically mention ladyfriends. I've considered getting a rainbow (or perhaps a blue star) tattooed somewhere obvious (like, oh, my forehead) to help people figure me out.

"Yeah," he responded, "you look at girls. It's kind of hard to miss."

"I mean, you don't blip as bigdyke," he added as an afterthought, "but you do blip as likin'theladies."


Sarah said...

I like the picture!

Amanda said...

Thanks! PS I blogrolled you. Also PS I miss you.

Sarah said...

Man, I'm so honored! (I also only just figured that word out from context. I am so not hip...)

I MISS YOU TOO! DC can't be all that great! Come back here!

Alexis said...

oh dear amanda... i am so guilty of this. how many times did i get it wrong? more times than i'd like to admit and totally unintentionally, too. my defense has always been, "i forgot" or "i honestly didn't know you identified as bi/queer." but the thing is, those aren't good excuses anyway. because why should anyone assume what someone else's sexual orientation is? sometimes people are fools and i was a fool then with you. queer women unite. and good writing friend. such good work you are doing.