Friday, November 24, 2006

Sex in The Guardian

An editorial in The Guardian claims that "The west's attitude to issues of reproductive health, especially in the US, causes women's deaths all over the world."

Bravo. More:

The consequences of such moral superiority are grave - not only in the fight against Aids but across the whole field of sexual and reproductive health. We have the US preaching abstinence from sex as the answer to Aids in Africa and refusing funds to any family-planning clinics across the world that provide abortions or even counsel women about them. This head-in-the-sand attitude towards abortion leads directly to women's deaths. Every year nearly 20 million unsafe abortions are carried out on desperate women in ill-lit rooms and illegal clinics. You don't stop that happening by refusing to talk about it.

"Our moral superiority about sex is proving deadly," Sarah Boseley, Friday November 24, 2006

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Anonymous said...

It's worse.

Abstinence, good girl, whore, virgin, bastard...

They're nuances in a still-thickening encyclopedia of control over female sexuality and by extension, the population of whole cultures (races, religions, countries, whatever...)

The propaganda described in the GU article is a cost-effective way of controlling those hopelessly loose African wimmen, while reinforcing the authority of the menfolk who are key to protecting our local interests.

This crap seems more sinister than ignorant with each day.