Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sony: World's First TV for Men and Women

This is without a doubt one of the more braindead ad campaigns I've seen in quite awhile. Sony's TV ads for the new Bravia television set advertise it as "The world's first TV for men and women." Having no idea what was even meant by that, I went to the website. What you get at the website is four different endings to the commercial: two for men, and two for women. Obviously, when you try to encapsulate the interests of an entire gender into a couple of 30-second clips, you've got to make some generalizations. Some disgustingly sexist generalizations, that mock women's with careers in medicine and make us out to be nothing more than a pair of pretty feet. The ads also make men out be ridiculous, violent, and women's only savior.

Am I taking it too seriously? Being one of "those" feminists? In my head I'm imagining an old friend laughing at my ire over these commercials, but his politics suck anyway, so what does he know? This ad campaign is so stone-age it's almost unreal.

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